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Hyphenating Infrared Spectroscopy to Gas & Liquid Chromatography


Controlled Substance Analysis

Application Notes:

 1. JWH-018 Isomers

 2. Fluoromethcathinone Isomers

 3. K-2 Sky Analysis

 4. Synthetic Cannabinoid Isomers

 5. Bath Salts

 6. Forensic Analysis of Drugs

 7. Infrared Spectra of Phenylethylamines Obtained by GC-IR

 8. Amphetamine Analysis

 9. Analysis of N-BOMe Compounds by GC-IR

10. Analysis of NBOMe Isomers by Solid Phase GC-IR


1. Trouble Identifying Cannabinoids, Bath Salts and Cathinones Mixtures? (VIDEO)

2. Trouble Identifying Cannabinoids, Bath Salts and Cathinones Mixtures? (PDF)